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Walking The Talk

Hello and Welcome to My Therapy Blog!

I’m introducing “Walking the Talk” as a place for people to find information on topics ranging from “What exactly does my therapist write about me in notes?” to “How can I work on stopping my panic attacks when they start?”.

Walking the Talk comes from the idea that I feel as a counselor my job isn’t just to “Talk the talk” in therapy but to also “walk the walk” and be authentic in my day-to-day life as well. I plan to roll out two sections for the blog to address the “Talking the Talk” in therapy related to types of therapy, what to look for in a good therapist, ways to work on therapy topics between sessions, and more. “Walking the Walk” is going to focus on the ideas of self-help practice and keeping up to date on the latest research and news in Psychology and Counseling. Together we’ll “walk the walk” of developing healthy habits and self-care practices that help us in our daily lives as well as “talk the talk” of therapy so you can better understand the world of the counselor as well as my own personal experiences and struggles as a counselor.

I’d love feedback on what you might like to see addressed in “Talking the Talk” related to topics regarding what to expect in therapy or “What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”, etc. I also would love to know what you’d like to read about regarding topics on self-care like stress management, time management, how to practice mindfulness, etc.

Please contact me!